Sunday, January 26, 2014

My holiday in indonesia 2014

 Hellos ! :D It's been like a while since I last updated my blog. I have been on my vacation to Indonesia ! I was the one who planned to go Indonesia with my dad. My Sister paid for the air ticket. I leave for Indonesia on the 11th January 2014 , in the morning about 11am from Singapore. It was my 2nd flight with Jetstar asia and I had a great awesome flight. At first I was afraid. Because I have never been on the airplane for almost 4 years. I felt nervous and scared. But alhamdullilah. The journey to Indonesia is ok. We landed safetly , in Indonesia at 12pm Singapore time. But in Indonesia is 11am. It's 1hr late. When we arrived there , I was greated by my nenek sedara. (: It's been so long since we last visited them. And I was so happy to them. Before we go to their house , we had lunch first. I was super shocked , when in Indonesia the food was served even before we order. There's so many dishes and they served fruits too ! woah ! But those food , we didn't finished they didn't charged us at all. That's something I learn in Indonesia. After we had lunch , we proceed to their house. And I was so tired and I slept. hehehe. We chatted about everything. :D And the second day...we proceed to go out ! yay !! I went to a mall nearby their house cause I wanted to look for a book and a DVD. habibie and ainun. I found the book and I was extremely happy. After we got back , in the evening we headed to ride around the city. It's very dusty and i'm quite surprise to see people asking for donations by the road side. goodness. It's a pitiful , but I can't do anything. My uncle doesn't allow me to donate money. And my uncle wanted me to ride on the horse. hahaha. It's crazy ok ! In Indonesia , there's such thing called Kuda beca. eehhwaah. :p I got my chance to ride on the horse. With my aunty. I had a great fun. (: But you know , I can't even sleep cause it's hot and there's a lot of mosquito's. I keep on scratching here and there. So on Monday , we go to danau toba or lake toba, It's a nice scenery and I love the weather there. It's cooling. cause ade gunung. (: We took a lot of pictures there. I had lots of fun and there's so many things I learnt from it. Oh ya , we also went for the kebun teh , tomato , kopi , cabbage and jeruk. (: At kebun jeruk , I almost fell down the hill. It's because there's so many mud. and the road was slippery. ahahaha. Dad pluck all the oranges and I told him that he can even work there. :P hahaha. xD To cut the story short , on the 6th day of our stay , everyone went to berastagi. It's such a cold weather there too. I was so excited and of course we got back at night and we were all so tired. On Friday , I got a chance to go to BTN. I got my chanced to "swim" there. But it's so cold. And on our last night , my uncle and aunty and nenek sedara semua organised a BBQ for us. They bakar ikan and ayam. hmm...sedap. I enjoy my last night and the next day we are going back to Singapore. Our flight was at 655pm in Indonesia but in sg time was 755pm. It breaks my heart to depart with them and I leave great memories. So when it's time to take our flight back...I felt like crying , in the sametime felt happy too. A waiting for us at change airport..was my sister's and brother ! I was so touched ! The flight back to Singapore via jetstar was scary. hahaha. I cried cause the plane was going up and down. But alhamdullilah , I landed safetly in Singapore. I reached sg about 815pm...and it's good to be back home ! :D And I ended my holiday , with a great One !

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