Saturday, April 11, 2015

Umrah 2015 , Tanah suci Mekkah !

Umrah 2015
Syukur alhamdullilah , i got to do umrah last month on 15th march 2015.
Kota madinah is fabulous. Masjid nabawi , the grand mosque. That is where makam rasullulah saw is being buried. I cried when i did raudah. People were pushing each other and i couldn't get in. But alhamdullilah , i managed to squeeze in. It was so emotional that in every of my prayer's i cried. I did some shopping in madinah too. We stayed in madinah for 3 days , before we proceed to mekkah. I step my foot in mekkah , i felt proud. It was nearly 12am , when we did tawaf umrah. Ngantuk tu memang ada lah , but we have to stay strong. insya'allah. I managed to pull through. Although i had a backpain. subbahanallah. During my stay in mekkah , i pray to Allah that all my prayer's would be answered. Alhamdullilah. I miss Tanah suci now.
Ya allah , i wish to go to umrah again and visit your kaa'bah. And pray infront of it. (':

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