Monday, April 11, 2016

I'm back ! It's been a long time never update my blog...

Hello peeps !

It's been a long time since i update this blog. It's already april 2016. Goodness. Things have changed. I wanted to delete this blog , but i felt it is a waste. I've been writing in my blog , since i was in secondary school.

Many things had happened in my life. Ya allah.
I have came back from umrah last december for the 2nd time. Alhamdullilah.
It's been a humid weather in singapore. But it rains at times. I miss the rain.
Rain when are you going to come down....
Ehh before that , in another 2 months's gonna be ramadan already.
Cepatnya masa berlalu. I felt that 2016 really flies that fast.
Couldn't say much.
Anyways , i was thinking of deleting my instagram account. And just used twitter.
I'm so lazy to used any of the social media platfrom these days.
ok la , i continue later in the afternoon aites.

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