Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Binary options , "The singapore method" scam review

Hey everyone ! This blog is so dead. I have not been blogging since then. But today , i would like to remind all of you of this binary options "the singapore method" scams , that i have just got myself into. Please beware this is is a SCAM. As dated 21/06/2016.

Earlier today , i was browsing through my twitter and i came across an interesting ad. This ad tells me that , i can make money through trading , and it's call the singapore method. And i can set my account for free. I have read that i can get $125 for free and make millions of money while trading. I was blinded by the cost , and i sign up for the trade by giving only my name , phone number and email address. After which , i ignored it much. Sometime in the later part in the afternoon , i received a call from +442037690411 and it was from london as my phone dectected the country. I did not answer the call , as i knew it was from the trader. I ignored it a few times and put into my reject list callers. Soon another number called me again , which is from +44 also. Again i rejected. They have tried to call me 7 times in a row. In the end , they managed to get hold of me by calling from my country code which is +6531590749. I answered the phone tho. I could guess that the person whom is a guy tried to sweet talk to me about the trade. He told me that he was from the UK and so on. But i didn't actually quite believed his words. I told him , to cancelled everything that i have sign up for....but he convinced me that he could give me $125 but not in SGD but in USD for free with no hidden cost. I wasn't up for this anyways. He also persuaded me to give him my credit/debit card initials....which i blindly gave in. I realised that all this was a scam , until my conversation with him was cut off while he was asking me to wait.
I immediately googled all possible facts and i realised it was a scam. I went up to the police immediately after that. I did told the officer what happened and upon advising he told me to call my bank and cancelled all transcations that was made through my credit/debit card. I was relieved that no transcations have been made , because my credit card has insufficient amount in it. Thank god. pheew. I didn't make any police report because i think it wasn't nessasery for me to do that.


I would like to remind all people out there , please do not fall prey to this scam and if you do give any info out like me , i would advise call your bank immediately to cancelled all transactions. And if there's possible make a police report. Don't be like me. But i was smart enough to go to the police to seek advise.

Thank you for reading ! You're most welcome to share my article with your friends ! And do not hesitate to comment if you're also been scam at this website.

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